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A Sharp Way to Improve Patient Adherence
The Sharps Patient Support System

The Sharps Patient Support SystemPharmaguy interviews David P. Tusa, CEO and President, Sharps Compliance, Inc. (see Bio), who describes The Sharps Patient Support System and how his company collects data from sharps containers to determine whether patients are adhering to their medication therapies.

Aired LIVE on:
Tuesday, 2 December 2014

You can also visit this Pharma Marketing Talk Segment Page to listen to the archived audio podcast. This show and ALL Pharma Marketing Talk shows are available as podcasts via PMT on iTunes (FREE!).

The Sharps Patient Support Program makes the following possible:

  • Coach patients on correct use before they have issues or show poor outcomes
  • Affirm and reward therapy adherence
  • Identify needed adjustments to the drug-delivery device
  • Study patient cohorts for regimen-adherence patterns and trends
  • Build relationships with patients to encourage brand loyalty
  • Show payers your proactive concern for their members
  • Provide payers true, third-party-collected data on efficacy and adherence to negotiate improved reimbursement rates and formulary positions
Questions/Topics of Discussion

  • Can you tell us what kinds of patients use "sharps" for self-injection? What makes this a unique patient group? What unique challenges do they face?
  • What data can you collect from disposed sharps? How can pharmaceutical product managers use this data to improve patient adherence & formulary position?
  • What other adherence-related services do you offer through The Sharps Patient Support System?
  • How does the program work? Do patients enroll in this program?

Guest Bio

David P. Tusa David P. Tusa's career has evolved from "Big 4" public accounting/auditor to Fortune 500 Controller to CFO for public and pre-IPO companies with up to $300M in annual revenues from diverse product/service lines and markets. After playing a key role in expanding into new markets, driving growth and profitability of Sharps Compliance as CFO, Mr. Tusa was promoted to his current position as President and CEO of the NASDAQ-traded company.

Mr. Tusa's progressively responsible background demonstrates a pattern of quickly learning the intricacies of diverse industries; driving smart growth; launching new products; overhauling departments; effectively managing challenges; and transforming company strategy and products/services to adapt to ever-changing markets and opportunities.

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