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Mobile-Enabled Patient Focus Groups
Truvio Emphasizes the Importance of Patients' Voices

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A conversation with WEGO Health CEO Jack Barrette and Fabio Gratton, co-founder and CEO of Vocalize (see Bios), about Truvio, a new mobile-based market research tool that brings patient opinion leader insights to life with data visualizations and audio commentary.

Aired LIVE on: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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WEGO Health (, the first online home for consumer health opinion leaders, today announced a breakthrough in social consumer research with the introduction of Truvio (, the first influencer-powered, voice-response mobile research platform for the healthcare and biotechnology industries.

Truvio is powered by the WEGO Health Activist Network of more than 65,000 opted-in and vetted consumer health influencers from more than 130 health conditions and topics. Each WEGO Health Activist actively contributes to multiple online health communities. With Truvio, health consultants, researchers and companies can tap into the wisdom of these informed and passionate consumer health opinion leaders, getting on-demand feedback instead of waiting for more traditional research. Quantitative, Qualitative, and FAST Truvio's innovative mobile research platform accelerates the process of obtaining the true voice of health consumers, as the Truvio mobile platform collects results in real time and WEGO Health's hyper-engaged consumer influencer members respond quickly with informed opinions.

Health Activists complete quantitative surveys via their smartphone's keypad and are then prompted to provide qualitative comments verbally. This combination of mobile inputs improves response rates and delivers deeper results on topics that are mission-critical to researchers in a way that no standalone survey or focus group could deliver.

"Health is really social media's higher calling and with Truvio, consumer health influencers are empowered to become change agents for the millions of patients who follow them," said WEGO Health CEO Jack Barrette. "Advances in healthcare can't wait. Truvio connects industry and influencers -- fast -- in a way that benefits both."

Truvio Smartphone Screens

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • What inspired the creation of Truvio?
  • What have you done so far with the platform (examples, specifics for marketers and agencies)?
  • What does Truvio mean for pharma, patients, hCPs, etc.?

Guest Bio

Jack Barrette Jack Barrette is CEO and founder of WEGO Health, the first online network to empower consumer Health Activists to help others through the health social web. WEGO Health supports Health Activists -- who are bloggers, tweeters, facebookers and community leaders -- with free educational programming as well as opportunities to connect with each other, to share their opinions, and to grow their audience.

Jack is a former Yahoo! executive focused on lifestyles, health and medicine. At Yahoo!, and throughout his career in healthcare, Jack has seen millions of people struggle to find credible, useful health information online. WEGO Health was born as a result of these experiences. Jack lives in Boston with his beloved wife and terriers. He believes fervently in giving back to the community through his non-profit work, and also in the health benefits of good wine.

Fabio Gratton Fabio Gratton, is the co-founder and CEO of Vocalize, a new tech startup out of Southern California that is focused on adding a voice layer to the world through innovative mobile technologies. He is also Chief Alchemist at a new digital health incubator he founded called Alchemy Factory, where he will be focused on helping health tech startups accelerate and commercialize their products.

Previously Fabio founded one of the leading digital agencies in the US, Ignite Health, that went on to be acquired by inVentiv Health in 2007. Fabio stayed on to operate as Chief Innovation Officer through 2013, when he decided to leave to spend more time with his family. He currently continues to consult with the agency that he helped to create, now Palio+Ignite, in the capacity of Chief Alchemist.

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