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U.S. Physicians and the Internet
Where They Go and What They Do Online

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A discussion with Rich Meyer, Healthcare Analyst for eMarketer (see Bio), about a new eMarketer report he authored. The report focuses on U.S. physicians' use of the internet in their practices.

Aired LIVE on: Thursday, January 17, 2013

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comScore reports that the most time spent online by US physicians is for so-called HCP content (34%). (HCP content is a broad term for information tailored for physicians [i.e., "health care providers"]. A typical HCP-content website would be Medscape.)

Pharma support sites were the next most commonly used in terms of time spent (14%).

Surprisingly, only 7% of physicians' time online was devoted to medical journals. This may be due in part to the fact that many healthcare websites incorporate medical journal articles into their content even though most physicians have access to medical journal websites.

Time Spent Online by US Physicians, by Category, Q1 2012

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • What is driving physicians online for medical information?
  • Where are physicians going for medical information online?
  • Are physicians using online video for professional purposes?

Guest Bio

Rich Meyer Rich Meyer is a Healthcare Analyst for eMarketer and has over 15 years experience in healthcare marketing working for companies like Eli Lilly and Medtronic. He also is on the Editorial Board of PM 360 magazine and writes a monthly column on DTC Marketing.

Rich was the first eMarketing person hired by Eli Lilly and worked on the launch of and was one of the first to integrate social media into online pharma marketing.

He lives in California with his wife -- who works in pharma marketing -- and two Springer Spaniels.

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