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Bridging the EU Pharma-Digital Agency Divide
What EU Pharma Marketers Need from Digital Agencies

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Guest Saidat Amirkhanova, former Digital Communications Director at sanofi-aventis (see Bio), discusses the relationship EU pharmaceutical marketers and digital agencies from the perspective of someone with many years of experience on the inside of the industry and who is now working on the outside.

Aired LIVE on: Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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According to the 2012 Global Digital Barometer for the life sciences industry survey, lack of internal resources (budget and headcount) and internal knowledge are gaining ground as bottlenecks for the digital marketing success of European pharma companies (see chart below).

EMEA Pharma Bottlenecks

Ask agency men if their pharma digital business volume matches their sales effort. Ask pharma marketers if they are happy with their agencies' digital marketing service. Sometimes a coffee break won't be long enough to hear why not.

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • Why despite many success stories full scale digital campaign is a hard sell in EU pharma?
  • Global versus local agency - pros and cons from local, regional and global stand point.
  • Vendor or partner? How can agencies leverage the challenges and help pharma step up its digital game?

Guest Bio

Saidat Amirkhanova Saidat Amirkhanova is one of Europe's leading digital strategists. Trained as an engineer in her native Russia she started her professional career in banking. She then moved to consulting to advise corporate and startups clients on their e-business and commercial strategy.

Since joining Eli Lilly in 2001, she helped some of the biggest pharmaceutical brands in France and internationally to engage with patients and physicians online. Saidat earned a reputation as a high-energy self-starter, defying widespread scepticism about the value of digital selling and unbranded services and launching some of the premier and most successful remote detailing pilots in Europe. Among the innovations to have come out of her latest tenure is the first global community platform for nurses, created in collaboration with the world's most prominent nurses associations.

After more than a decade of pioneering the use of digital media in pharmaceuticals, Saidat is setting up a creative agency with an advisory network that will consult on, design and build mobile experiences focused on health and fitness.

Saidat can be found tweeting @Amirkhanova and contacted on Linkedin.

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