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How Satisfied are Pharma Marketers With Their Digital Efforts? Across Health's 2011 Digital Barometer
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A conversation with Fonny Schenck, Managing Partner/CEO, and Craig Parnell, Managing Partner North America, Across Health (see bio), about the 2011 EMEA digital marketing survey for life sciences.

Aired LIVE on: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Digital Barometer Background

When it comes to digital IQ, some brands are geniuses and some are feeble-minded idiots, according to the "L2 Digital IQ Index" for pharmaceutical brands, a first-of-its kind measurement of the digital competence of 51 pharma brands across eight therapeutic categories (see Additional Resources).

That's what outside experts have to say about the digital efforts of pharmaceutical marketers. But how satisfied are pharma marketers themselves with their digital efforts?

For several years now, Across Health -- an agency with a focus on innovative pharma marketing consulting and eCRM -- has been running a unique digital landscape survey among life sciences leaders in the EU. The 2011 EMEA digital marketing survey reached a record amount of respondents and gives a 360° view on the status, challenges and future of "The New Normal," aka digital, in life sciences.

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Questions/Topics To Be Discussed

  • Tell us briefly about Across Health
  • Based on your Digital Barometer survey in Europe, what is the state of digital marketing for Pharma on a global perspective?
  • Where do you see the need to innovate and change directions?
  • What key advantages does digital marketing offer?
  • How is mobile marketing being used and is it effective?
  • Are companies able to replace sales rep visits effectively?
  • You are launching the MMA in the US, can you tell us more about it
  • What should Pharma marketers hope to gain from this study?

Guest Bio

Fonny Schenck Fonny Schenck joined Across Group as a managing partner in August 2007 and subsequently took the CEO position at Across Health. He joins from Johnson & Johnson, where he focused on creating an overarching worldwide CRM strategy and on leveraging best practices across the globe. He held regional and global roles of increasing responsibility in the ebusiness and CRM space at Janssen, a leader in the eCRM space in pharmaceuticals in Europe.

Fonny has received many internal awards for his achievements in the CRM and eBusiness space, both at the European and global level. In addition, he is a well-known speaker at international CRM events and has authored several strategic CRM articles.

Craig Parnell Craig Parnell is leading the North American business for Across Health with 20-plus years of digital marketing and marketing experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has a proven track record with Fortune 500 companies including Merck & Company, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Euro RSCG Life and Merrill Lynch, holding domestic, international and global management roles.

At Across Health, Craig leads the North American business development opportunities and has established a unique global footprint for the company in the process. Current clients include innovative biotechs with unique products.

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