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Adherence Programs: A Targeted, Personalized Approach
A conversation with Greg Caressi (see bio), Senior Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Frost & Sullivan, about the benefits of utilizing a targeted approach when designing a pharmaceutical adherence and loyalty program in an introduction to the complimentary eBroadcast on the same topic.

Aired LIVE on: Monday, January 26, 2009

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As barriers to physician access continue to grow, the demand for proven ROI is prevalent, and the continual challenges of market dynamics impact the overall pharmaceutical growth. The approaches that many pharmaceutical companies continue to use to drive improved adherence must evolve from mass-distribution to a targeted, focused strategy, designed to reach the right patients to optimize their engagement, affect adherence and ultimately enable customer relationship marketing.

Guest Bio

Greg Caressi Greg Caressi is Senior Vice President of the Healthcare & Life Sciences group at Frost & Sullivan, serving as the business unit leader for North American and Latin American operations. In his ten years at Frost & Sullivan, Mr. Caressi has served in executive management roles covering the range of professional services under the Frost & Sullivan umbrella: subscription services, consulting projects, and sales and business development teams. Additionally, Mr. Caressi has directed Frost & Sullivan’s overall business expansion into Latin America.

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