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Pharma eMarketing Benchmarks
Helping Pharma eMarketing "Grow up," Optimize & Scale

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A conversation with Carolina Petrini, SVP, Marketing Solutions at ComScore, talks with John Mack about Rx eMarketing Effectiveness Benchmarks designed to help Pharma eMarketing "grow up," optimize & scale.

Aired LIVE on: Thursday, February 21, 2008

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For the second consecutive year, comScore Inc, and Evolution Road have partnered to develop and publish consumer e-marketing effectiveness benchmarks for the pharmaceutical industry.

These benchmarks are based on aggregate and blinded data across a multitude of studies conducted over the past five years. Utilizing comScore panelist behavioral and survey data from current and prospective patients, these benchmarks provide pharmaceutical marketers with a better understanding of which e-marketing initiatives whether online banner ads, search marketing or branded and unbranded websites have the biggest impact on brand awareness, brand favorability, incremental new patient starts and incremental current patient adherence/next fill.

Specifically, the data provides pharmaceutical marketers with the information needed to make smart decisions about e-marketing by answering questions such as:

  • Does putting resources towards a Web site have an impact on brand favorability, awareness and sales?
  • Do online banner ads help generate new patient starts? If so, which types of banner ads are most effective in doing so?
  • Which online initiatives are most beneficial in sustaining current patient adherence?

Carolina Petrini, SVP, Marketing Solutions at ComScore, provides some answers to these questions in this podcast. Click Here for Additional Resources

Guest Bio

Carolina Petrini Carolina Petrini
Carolina is responsible for leading the firm's efforts to further develop the pharmaceutical and health care accounts and deliver unprecedented marketing solutions based on comScore unique insights into online and offline consumer behavior. With 15 years of experience, Ms. Petrini has held management positions with a number of leading marketing information companies that provide market research data to Fortune 500 firms.

Prior to joining comScore, Carolina served as a Director of Analytics at ecentives, an online promotions and database company, where she was responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive database marketing programs and analytics. Prior to ecentives, Carolina was a Senior Manager of Analytics at Empower IT, where she developed market research studies based on POS data for CPG and OTC products at companies such as Colgate, Pfizer, Novartis, Schering-Plough, BMS, Abbott, Heinz, Nabisco, Bestfoods, etc.

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